Review: Holmes & Watson

Those familiar with the Sherlock Holmes stories or even the British television series will know the significance of Reichenbach Falls. It is at this location that the famous detective and his arch nemesis Professor James Moriarty fall to their deaths. Or did they? FYI this review is spoiler-free, so it can be read prior to seeing this show.

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Review: The Cake

There’s a three line exchange about mid-way through the Alley Theatre’s production of THE CAKE that sums up the show perfectly:

DELLA: “I told her the truth.”

MACY: “Which truth is that?”

DELLA: “The only one I know.”

What is the truth? These days, it can be hard to discern. And perhaps, we’re all a little bit wrong in what we perceive to be true.

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Review: Guys & Dolls

It is a dangerous decision when a creative team decides to “re-imagine” a musical, especially a well-known classic. Certainly CHICAGO and CABARET stand out as recent revivals that were both re-conceived and met with high praise. But it is a risky move and doesn’t always work. When TUTS announced that they would be giving their GUYS & DOLLS revival a Latin flair, I must admit I was a bit concerned. How would this change an already great musical and its story? Would it work? Last night, I got my answer.

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Review: Picasso at the Lapine Agile

I’ve always been a Steve Martin fan. Yes, I enjoy his more zany antics like the Wild & Crazy Guys or King Tut, but I prefer his more understated moments as I find them to be more poignant. Going into PICASSO AT THE LAPINE AGILE, I wondered which Steve Martin would show up in the writing. The answer is: a little of both.

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Review: Hamilton

“There are moments that the words don’t reach…”

These words, taken from the emotional song “It’s Quiet Uptown” could easily be applied to any review of HAMILTON: AN AMERICAN MUSICAL. What can be said that hasn’t already been written about this juggernaut? This review will take a bit of a different form since there’s not much to quibble with regarding the show itself.

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Review: Cleo

To the Four “Ladies” Seated Directly Behind Me:

I know being drunk and obnoxious was your primary goal during last night’s performance of CLEO at the Alley Theatre. Since you missed most of the play due to your alcohol-infused antics, I wanted to write this review specifically for you. I hope you enjoy it when/if you sober up.

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Review: Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert

When I hear the word “concert” I think of a stage with a band and microphones where artists perform their latest hits. Even some of the most ambitious tours I’ve seen (Madonna’s “Blonde Ambition” comes to mind) were bold in their theatrics but were still, in the end, the very definition of a concert. NBC had been billing JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR as a concert event. To say that is a dis-service to what was actually presented, although I suspect there is a reason for this somewhat deceptive marketing.

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Review: Satchmo at the Waldorf

We’ve all admired a performer from a distance. Watching from beyond the footlights or via television, we usually only see what they want us to see. It’s easy to love the persona that is public-facing, but what if we could look backstage or see them when the camera is off? Would we still have the same adoration or would it be tarnished? SATCHMO AT THE WALDORF allows us that access to one of the greatest entertainers of all time — Louis Armstrong. But does that peek behind the curtain make us love this legendary musician even more — or tarnish our views by exposing the real man?

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