Guess My Weight Loss – Week 28

I’m back from Cruise360 and it’s time to resume my weekly diet postings. Please take a minute and click the link to vote in the “predict my results” poll.

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Guess My Weight Loss – Week 26

Late again this week – my apologies.

So I’m a week into my seventh month of NutriSystem and for the past four weeks, I’ve hit the 1 lb. lost mark EXACTLY. This week, I’m determined to increase that number, even if it’s by a tenth of a pound! So how will I do? Please take a moment to click the link and vote in my weekly poll.

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Guess My Weight Loss – Week 23

Did I have another great week on the NutriSystem program, or did I binge eat while watching the emotional season finale of “This Is Us” and gain a few pounds? Time for you to vote in my weekly poll. Please click the link and take a moment to share your guess.

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