Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

If Yoda were to write this review, he might start with the following warning:

“At your own risk read this. Ahead slight spoilers are.”

You have been warned.

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Review: Sleeping Beauty & Her Winter Knight

How do American Idol, The Disney Channel, a classic fairytale and the British theatre tradition of panto fit together? The short answer is: very well, especially in Theatre Under the Stars’ holiday offering SLEEPING BEAUTY AND HER WINTER KNIGHT, now playing at The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts.

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Review: On Your Feet!

So my apologies for the lack of posts but business and traveling has been keeping me busy. So I’m making up for lost time today and writing not one, not two, but three reviews of recent shows — starting with the national tour of ON YOUR FEET! THE EMILIO & GLORIA ESTEFAN BROADWAY MUSICAL.

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Review: “The Secret Garden”

In 1991, the musical version of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic children’s book THE SECRET GARDEN debuted on Broadway. It went on to win three Tony Awards (including the youngest ever winner – 11 year old Daisy Egan nabbing the Best Featured Actress award for her portrayal of Mary Lennox) and played for almost two years and over 700 performances. A national tour followed (which was my first exposure to the show) and a couple of international productions. But until now, the show has never been revived in any significant way in the United States. The producers of this joint venture between Houston’s Theatre Under the Stars, the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C., and Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre are hoping to make it to Broadway. But are they ready and is the show good enough?

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Review: Describe the Night

What is true? What is a lie? As one character explains at the beginning of DESCRIBE THE NIGHT, it’s very simple. The truth is what is true and a lie is what is not. But (as the modern world teaches us) truths are not always absolute. Is an omission therefore a lie? This is one of the many themes interwoven into this brilliant world premiere play by Rajiv Joseph.

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Review: Star Trek: Discovery

It’s been 12 years since a first-run Star Trek television episode aired. On May 13, 2005, the series finale of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE brought that short-lived incarnation to a close. So fans were naturally curious when a new series was announced. Would it be more like the well-received STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION or follow the path of the oft-criticized ENTERPRISE? Earlier tonight, that question was answered as STAR TREK: DISCOVERY made its two-hour multi-platform premiere.

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Review: The Bodyguard

The golden age of Broadway musicals saw many stage shows turned into classic films. But reversing that process has not always been as easy or successful and that trend unfortunately continues with THE BODYGUARD, a production that could more aptly be titled THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY instead of using the name of the hit 1992 movie.

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Review: The 39 Steps

Alfred Hitchcock loved “The MacGuffin.” For those unfamiliar, a “MacGuffin” is a plot device that the protagonist pursues, usually with little or no narrative explanation. What is the secret of this year’s Alley Theatre “Summer Chills” production ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S THE 39 STEPS? It doesn’t really matter. What they’re pursuing isn’t the point – in this case getting there is ALL the fun.

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Review: Falsettos

My first exposure to “Falsettos” was a national tour in the early 90s and while I enjoyed that production, it didn’t stay with me long after the final curtain. The recent revival, which was screened earlier this week in movie theaters and will be a part of “Live from Lincoln Center” on PBS this fall, is a simple yet highly effective staging of this powerful musical.

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