Weight Loss Scoreboard: Week 35

This past week, I took a little vacation and enjoyed a 4-night cruise on Carnival Valor. This is the first time I’ve gone off NutriSystem for more than a day. So how did I do? Read on to find out.


There’s a saying in the cruise industry – you go on as people and come off as cargo. It comes from the vast amounts of food available on a ship. My diet week runs Thursday to Wednesday and from Thursday to Monday of this past week, I was onboard a ship and went 100% off the NutriSystem plan. As you can see, this led to my first gain of my journey.

To be honest, I’m actually very pleased with this result. On the ship, I enjoyed the various dining options, including one (maybe two) burgers at Guy’s Burger Joint, the wonderful Scarlett’s Steakhouse and of course the main dining room and Lido deck buffet. I didn’t overdo but I did enjoy. And to have only gained less than a pound to me is a big win.

I also have some other good news…


Meet “Willpower” bear. This is my motivational NutriBear for losing 70 lbs. For those new to the blog, I get one of these at each 10 lb. lost increment. Here’s the full group of bears I’ve earned so far:


My next trip isn’t until October so I expect to have many weeks of success ahead. Until next week, thanks for reading and for your continued support.


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