Weight Loss Scoreboard: Week 33

Another week of NutriSystem in the books. So how did I do over the long holiday weekend? Did I succumb to BBQ and snacking? Read on to find out…


So as usual, the pace is not what I’d prefer but I’m still thrilled that there’s a negative number of any kind there for the 33rd consecutive week.

I can also consider 75 lbs. as a milestone I suppose so that’s nice too. This next week will be a regular week of dieting, but then a week from today I leave on a 4-night cruise and it will be impossible to bring the diet along. So this will be another test (similar to Cruise360) of how I do when I can’t stick 100% to the plan.


The bear saga continues. Once again, NutriSystem has failed to deliver the correct motivational NutriBear to me. When my monthly food order arrived last week, I was greeted by a 60 lb. NutriBear. That’s nice, but I earned that a couple of months back. I was SUPPOSED to receive a 70 lb. bear. That meant another email to customer service, another apology, and a third guarantee that this will be “last time” this problem occurs.

Sorry again for the lack of consistency in the blog. Premier Custom Travel has been extremely busy (which I’m very grateful to say) so obviously that takes precedent over posting my reviews and diet updates. I do have a couple of shows to write about, plus some other thoughts that will eventually make it onto this virtual page.

In the meantime, thanks for reading. More soon…


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