Weight Loss Scoreboard: Week 29

This was a pivotal week for me as I approached another milestone. Did I earn another NutriBear or did I fall short and have my first ever down (up) week? Read on to find out.


I have many reasons to be extremely pleased with this week’s results. First and foremost, another week of loss. That’s 29 straight weeks with a negative number in the “loss” column. Some weeks have been only a pound while others have had higher numbers, but I am thrilled overall with the results. My target has always been two pounds per week and this week’s showing is proof that I can still achieve that number. Perhaps a bit more walking or my new obsession (TopGolf) will help with that.

image1I’m also very happy because soon (maybe) my six NutriBears will have a new friend joining them on my celebratory shelf. For those that aren’t regular readers, NutriSystem sends you a motivational teddy bear at each 10 lb. lost increment. I’ve had quite an interesting time trying to get those successfully sent to me. We shall see what happens with Bear 7. It should arrive with my next food shipment in about 3-4 weeks.



I’m trying out something new this month – the NutriCrush bars. They’ve always been an option but until now I’ve never thought to try them. They’re an optional add-on that gives you the equivalent of a power bar type snack that you can add in at some point throughout the day. It obviously counts towards my calorie total but it’s filling and a nice treat from time to time.

One other fun note – I’m on my second belt since starting the program. Went through all the holes on the first belt and I’m now, as of this morning, three holes into this new belt. That makes me very proud.

Until next week – thank you for reading and for your continued support.



One comment

  1. Kelly · May 4, 2017

    Way to go Chris! Tommy and I won’t recognize you when we see you next. So proud of you!


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