Weight Loss Scoreboard: Week 28

I’m back home now after a very busy week at Cruise360 in Fort Lauderdale. I did take the diet on the road – but was I successful with all the extra meals at events and lunches onboard our partner ships? Keep reading to find out.


So here’s how I look at this past week:

I did take a week’s worth of NutriSystem food with me and my original intent was to stick 100% to the diet and only do my two regular “flex meals” (one lunch and one dinner). But at the conference, I soon figured out that this would be impossible as there were times that I would not have access to my food or bringing it along would be either difficult or prohibited outright. So, for part of the week prior to this one (no blog post for that but down 1.3 lbs) and part of this past week (through Monday) I did my NutriSystem plan where I could and ate the provided meals either on the ships or at the convention sessions.

As you might expect, I had a huge week as far as steps taken, so I feel like if I had been able to stick 100% to the plan this might have been a 4 or 5 lb. lost week, perhaps even a bit more. But mixed in over the past 2 diet weeks were three general session meals, dinner at the Hall of Fame Gala, three ship tours with lunch included and a nice luncheon courtesy of one of our cruise line partners. So instead of 4 flex meals over that total time, I actually doubled that and still dropped weight each week. I think that’s a huge win, especially given the circumstances.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 10.43.57 AM

Your predictions were not really that surprising, with two out of five thinking I might have a big week with all the walking and the majority still nailing the correct total. Well done and thanks as always for playing. I believe the poll is starting to outlive its usefulness in the sense that it will likely be the same range each week with few exceptions. I’m chewing on a few ideas for a Wednesday blog but I’m not sure of the exact direction yet. Either way, this Thursday “results” blog will continue regardless of the fate of the Wednesday report.

Next week, with any luck, will see another milestone (and eventually another bear). If I stay on pace, I will pass the 70 lbs. lost mark at my next weigh-in.

Thanks as always for reading and for your continued support.


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