Guess My Weight Loss – Week 28

I’m back from Cruise360 and it’s time to resume my weekly diet postings. Please take a minute and click the link to vote in the “predict my results” poll.

Please note: I round to the nearest pound, so 2.2 is 2 but 2.6 would be 3 for the purposes of the poll. Also, this poll is for the last week only, not my progress over the entire program.

Special note for this week’s poll: Last week there was no blog due to Cruise360 but I did do a regular weigh-in. So please vote for THIS WEEK ONLY and not the past two weeks. Yo may also notice that I’ve updated the poll since I no longer think 8+ lbs. lost in a week is a realistic high-end.

I post this poll each week and my results after my weigh-in each Thursday. Thanks for reading and participating!


One comment

  1. Sheila Yount · April 26, 2017

    Can’t wait to see the results tomorrow.


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