Weight Loss Scoreboard: Week 23

It’s Thursday so it must be time for another update on my NutriSystem journey. Did I end my 23rd week with another loss or was this the first week where I broke even or even…gasp…gained weight?!? Keep reading to find out.


For the second straight week, I hit the 1 lb. lost mark on the nose. I’m nothing if not consistent but I’d sure love to double that number on a more steady basis. My goal is 2 lbs. per week. Hopefully with the upcoming cruise convention (which features a lot of walking) I’ll make up some ground.

So how did you do with your predictions?

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 3.59.15 PM

The votes are starting to be a bit predictable as well – some of you believing that I will achieve the higher numbers that I had in earlier weeks while just as many of you think that 1-2 lbs. is more likely. It will be interesting to see the predictions for the week of the convention.

The NutriBear saga continues. For those that haven’t been following it, NutriSystem is fantastic at weight loss and customizing food orders, but they fall short when it comes to sending the correct motivational bears at the appropriate times. As of now, I’ve received four bears (each of which I had to reach out to customer service to receive when they should come automatically) and I have two bears, my 50 lb. and 60 lb. bears, SUPPOSEDLY shipping now. We shall see – my food order arrives tomorrow and the bears are, I am told, along for the ride.

In next week’s weight reveal blog I’ll post their names and pictures – if they truly arrive. I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath, unless you like to look like a Smurf.

Until next week – thanks for your time, your comments and your support.


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