Weight Loss Scoreboard: Week 20

As of this morning I’ve finished five months on the NutriSystem diet plan. Regular readers know that I do my weigh-in on Thursday mornings and post my results here. So how did I do for my 20th week? Read on to find out…


I honestly was hoping for another 1.5 lbs. so I could hit 60 lbs. total weight lost, but any negative number is a positive in my book. I’ve been a bit lax in the flex meal department and I need to focus on that a bit more. I honestly believe that with a little more discipline on the flex days, I can get back to my average of 2 to 2.5 lbs. per week. But I’m still averaging close to 3 lbs. a week over the entire plan and that’s huge.

So how did you do with your predictions?


Most of you nailed it this week. Hopefully you’re not losing confidence in me and are simply getting better at your guesses. I will warn you that I plan to hit at least 2 lbs. lost this next week, so take that into account when voting next Wednesday. One reason I expect this is that I have a ship inspection this weekend and that usually means a ton of walking.

Not much else to add this week, with the exception of another chapter in the NutriBear Saga. For those who don’t know, NutriSystem (supposedly) sends you a different motivational bear for each 10 lbs. you lose. Here are a couple of them:


Bear in mind (pin intended) that this is a company that sends me two huge boxes of food each month and I can customize that to my heart’s desire. That’s dozens of random items that frequently change. And with one exception, they’ve nailed that. 2 of this, 4 of that – no problem. But sending me a single bear when both their website and my app says I’ve earned it? Not so much…

I should have received my 50 lb. bear with my last order. But for the fourth time in a row and despite repeated calls, emails and even a snail mail letter to the company, they just can’t seem to get the bears right. The last person I spoke with assured me that the problem had been solved and future bears will arrive in a timely manner. I’m one or two weeks away from 60 lb. NutriBear – stay tuned to find out how the saga ends…or continues.

Upside – I’ve received TWO 20 lb. and 40 lb. bears. My cat loves the extra ones.




One comment

  1. Kelly & Tommy Domingue · March 3, 2017

    So proud of you, Chris!!
    They should send you a percentage off your food or something. Bears wouldn’t encourage me unless my children collected BeanieBabies or Bears. (At 16- they don’t.) Keep up the good work- with or without the bears!


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