Weight Loss Scoreboard: Week 19

It’s the end of yet another week in my NutriSystem journey. As I entered my weight this morning, I looked back at my week-by-week progress and it seems quite impossible that 19 weeks have passed. But they have and this morning I saw my latest results.


There are several comments to be made about this week’s results.

On the positive side, it’s my 19th straight week with a loss. Not good if you’re an NFL team, but fantastic as far as weight loss goes. On the negative side, it’s a bit less than my weekly goal of 2.5 and while I’m thrilled with any good notices, I sure would love to hit my marks.

There’s also one technical note about the past couple of weeks that is worth mentioning. I use a digital scale and do the weigh-in three times. Almost every week, the number is the same all three times (the scale is typically very accurate). Last week, we had an odd occurrence. On the first attempt, I received a much lower number than on tries two and three (which were also both different numbers). I decided to average the three and wait to see what happened this week. This morning, I received the exact same number all three times. If this issue occurs again, I may consider replacing the scale but I hope it’s just a one-time anomaly.

Now it’s time to put my readers in the spotlight. How did you do with your predictions?


The trend of being overoptimistic with your predictions continues. When thinking about it, I believe I prefer that you be that way, as it motivates me to do better. But for now, congrats to the nearly 40% of you that nailed it. As always, thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings and vote. It means a lot to me and truly is an inspiration on my journey.

My monthly food shipment arrives this week. My frozen foods will be here today, with my dry foods arriving on Saturday. In that package SHOULD be my 50 lb. NutriBear. I’ll be sure to post a photo when (if) it arrives. This has been an amazing diet program but a little lax in sending the bears in a timely manner. Let’s see if that changes after several emails, calls and even one snail mail letter to customer service.

Until next week, thanks again for reading!


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