Weight Loss Scoreboard: Week 17

I just completed my 17th week on the NutriSystem plan. This was also Super Bowl week with lots of food available on that Sunday. Did I score another victory like the New England Patriots or did I suffer a terrible defeat like the Atlanta Falcons? Read on to find out!


Believe it or not, I used a “flex meal” for my dinner on Super Bowl Sunday and was able to sample some of everything we had to offer. I guess I really am learning portion control as clearly that day had little or no bearing on my overall progress this week.

So how did you do with your guesses?


After my minimal loss last week, it’s not surprising at all that the majority of you opted for a low number this week. I’m pleased to have outperformed your expectations and hope to always be able to do so. I’m very pleased that, so far at least, nobody has ever selected either of the last two options at the bottom of the poll.

I’ve been feeling better and noticing positive changes everywhere, but now I’m getting to the point where the old clothes are not just loose but nearly unwearable. I have a major convention coming up in April and my challenge will be to dress nice without spending a fortune on clothes that I will eventually also be unable to wear. Overall it’s a great problem to have but still a bit frustrating to spend money on “temporary” clothing.

That convention is my next “mini-goal” on my path. I have a specific number in mind that I’d like to achieve prior to leaving for Fort Lauderdale. This will be a milestone in several ways and quite frankly it’s an ambitious one. I will be very pleased with any result but thrilled beyond belief if I can somehow achieve this lofty goal. Either way, I plan on taking my food and program with me to the week-long convention and hope to have a great week there. I’ll certainly get my walking in that week!

That’s all for now. More next week – thanks for reading and for your continued support!



One comment

  1. Sheila · February 9, 2017

    What a great week!


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