What’s in a Company Name?

When we were creating what is now Premier Custom Travel, one of the first tasks after selecting our name was to commission an artist to design a logo. Today I was going through some company paperwork and found the old proofs. I thought it might be fun to share the finalists and show how we created what you see today.

In late September 2010, we received the first drafts of the design for our logo. I’ve included them here to show our thought process as we narrowed down the choices and ultimately crafted one of the original concepts into what is still our logo to this day. Keen eyes will notice that the logo process actually started prior to our removing the final “E” from PREMIERE. I have Melissa Love to thank for that. Until she pointed it out, I had mistakenly thought that “premier” and “premiere” were as interchangeable as “theatre” and “theater.”


This was the first logo we received and our second choice overall. We loved the graphic part on the left but felt that it might suffer or be difficult to see the detail when shrunk to a smaller size.


This is obviously the beginning of what would be our company logo. We loved this one but again thought the birds would be lost in smaller resolution. We also worried that the yellow was a bit too light and might be harder to see in brighter spaces.


This one was our least favorite. We felt it looked a lot like basic clip art.


We liked the graphic part of this one but it also reminded everyone of another company, although none of us could quite put our finger on which one.

So clearly graphic #2 was our choice – but we had some revisions we wanted to make. First, we told the designers to ditch the birds since we didn’t think they would survive when the logo was re-sized. A few days later they sent us back a revised version of logo two. Notice that by then, we had removed the second “E” from the word PREMIERE.


We liked the font and the overall idea, but we wanted some form of travel graphic as well as seen in the other original choices. We asked the designers if they could add a boat, a plane or something travel-related. We also told them that we wanted to change the colors. Something bold. Something all-American. Here are the two logos we got back a few days later:



Close – but one problem remained. The arc behind the plane looked odd and in the second version we certainly didn’t need TWO arcs. What if we made the extension of the “V” the plane’s jet stream? The designers loved that idea and a few days later we had what would wind up being our final logo.


A few months later, we added a set of tags to the logo to enhance our brand message.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane.




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