Weight Loss Scoreboard: Week 10

I can’t believe I just finished my 10th week on the NutriSystem diet plan and yet here I am, 70 days gone since I began this journey. How did I do this past week?


I’m a bit torn when it comes to my results this week. My goal was to make it through the holiday season without any weight gain (and hopefully with losses each week) and I’m still on track to do that with one more week to go.

But as many of you already know, I lost my Dad earlier this week and that has thrown my whole life, not to mention my regimented plan, into turmoil. He was my biggest supporter when it came to weight loss and would call me every Thursday to find out my weekly results. So I feel like it was only appropriate to not skip this week’s weigh-in and instead carry on since that’s what I’m sure he would want.

I’m also a bit disappointed because my goal is to hit at least two pounds lost each week. That’s the pace I’ve set and hope to achieve. I’m way ahead of that weekly pace so I only lowered my average a bit this week, but I’d still like to hit that 2 lb. goal consistently. However, this week did have two extra “flex” meals that typically I would not have eaten (including one last night right before my weight in) and that may have contributed to the lower number this week.

I do realize that any loss is good and I’m not too focused on missing the mark but still this is my first time missing my goal and it does sting a bit. However I am still very proud to have lost over 36 lbs. so far and will have a better week this coming week. I will say that last night I was wearing a pair of jeans that are now at least 2 sizes to big and the belt was struggling to do its job of keeping the pants from falling to my knees. That was very encouraging.

So how did people do in the weekly poll?


Looks like one out of every four of you were on target for this week, with the majority of voters being a bit too optimistic. As always, thanks for participating. The poll goes up each Wednesday and I post results each Thursday.

Until next week…Merry Christmas to all!


One comment

  1. Sheila Yount · December 22, 2016

    So proud of you. Let those pants and belt be a grand reminder of your great progress. You are succeeding during the hardest time of year! YAY!!! You rock.


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