Weight Loss Scoreboard: Week 9

Today I did my weekly weigh-in after completing the first week of my third month on the NutriSystem diet plan. So how did I do? Check out my results…


According to the official word from NutriSystem, I’m right on target (the say you will lose 1-2 lbs. per week on average). My goal is 2.5 lbs. lost a week, so I fell a bit below that but I’m still very pleased with the overall results and hope to hit a total of 40 lbs. lost by New Year’s Eve.

Your predictions this week were very interesting.


It seems that a large majority of you think I should’ve done better, with 40% likely very disappointed with my results. This week saw a record number of votes and I wonder if the high number of 8 lbs. + might be attributed to people thinking that was the OVERALL total and not the loss for the week. I’ll be more clear in future polls. Believe me, I’d love to lose 8 lbs. every week but I think NutriSystem and my doctor would both prefer it be slower.

While I would have liked the number to be a bit higher, I must admit that I am very proud to be half-way through the holidays and losing weight. One of my “mini-goals” is to reach January 1st and lose weight each week. I have a fun New Year’s Eve planned and that may be the biggest challenge of them all.

But with each week that I lose weight, it makes it that much harder to cheat or lose any motivation. Like a sports team on a long winnings streak, my confidence is at a personal high and I believe more and more in my success each week. A large part of that is those of you who send your encouragement and comment.

Thank you!

Until next week…


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