Weight Loss Scoreboard: Week 7

One of the toughest times of the year for dieting – Thanksgiving – has come and gone. With the end of this holiday also comes the end of my seventh week on NutriSystem. So how did I do? Continue reading to find out.


Regular readers will remember that I was very concerned about the Thanksgiving week for several reasons. First, it’s typically a time when everyone overeats. Second, I was in Kentucky and wondered how this program would travel. But based on the results, I should hope for every week to be Thanksgiving.

I honestly don’t know how to explain the results, although with all the travel, airports, racetracks and more I was much more active in the past week than a normal 7-day period. I didn’t cut anything out food-wise and I did have a traditional (although smaller) Thanksgiving meal with turkey, vegetables, pumpkin grits and stuffing. Regardless, I was very excited to see this new number on the scale. I actually weighed myself three times just to be sure.

So clearly I was shocked by this week’s results. How did those of you participating in the poll fare?


Clearly everyone was way too conservative, although I doubt any of us would have logically predicted a 5 lb. loss. Despite my second-best week ever, I honestly expect that the coming weeks will likely see a return to the 2-3 lb. drop that has been the average over the first two months.


As I’ve mentioned before, with each 10 lb. lost milestone, NutriSystem sends you a motivational bear. Prior to today’s weigh-in, I had earned these two.

The first one, the red bear, is named Pound. She is the original Nutribear. She’s your 10 lb. goal bear and her message says, “Pound says congratulations on your initial weight loss. She’s here to keep you motivated as you continue toward your goal weight.”

The purple bear is named Commitment. His message says, “Losing 20 lbs. proves you have the commitment you need to succeed, but a little inspiration from Commitment couldn’t hurt!”

As of today, I’ve earned a third bear. I don’t know his/her name or the message that will be included, but I do know the bear will arrive in a couple of weeks. I’ll certainly post a picture when my newest bear arrives.

Until next week, thanks as always for reading and for the motivational messages and support. I am extremely grateful for all of the encouragement.


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