Weight Loss Scoreboard: Week 5

It seems like I just started yesterday, but today marks the beginning of my 6th week on the NutriSystem diet plan. The end of week 5 means another weigh-in. How did I do? Check the scoreboard below for my results.


This past week was identical to the previous in terms of total pounds lost. NutriSystem says to expect an average of one to two pounds per week and my personal target is two, so anything above that is gravy (diet gravy, of course).

The majority of you guessed correctly in this week’s poll:


As I’ve mentioned before, each week I get two flex meals – one at lunch and one at dinner. These meals are designed to allow me to go “off program” and eat on my own, be it in a restaurant or just something I whip up at home. I’ve been having some Lean Cuisine meals for some of these flex options, but this week will be a bit different with Thanksgiving coming.

I am headed to Louisville on Monday to spend time with my Dad and watch some horse races. On Thursday, Churchill Downs will have a fabulous buffet full of amazing Thanksgiving dishes. My goal will be to use a flex meal for that lunch but also try to stay within the dietary limits of the program. The holidays are always a tough time for dieting and for food in general. The next four weeks or so will be the first true test of my willpower and this program overall.

Technically the Thanksgiving meal will be on week 7 but I thought I’d mention it now. I will be doing my regular weigh-in on Thanksgiving and it will include 3 days of eating on the road. I am taking NutriSystem food with me – turns out that’s pretty easy to do. How will I fare on the road? Tune in next week to find out!

Thanks as always for your support, your feedback and your taking the time to read my ramblings.


One comment

  1. Sheila Yount · November 17, 2016

    Well done!! You are rocking this!


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