Weight Loss Scoreboard: Week 4

I cannot believe that yesterday marked the end of my first month on NutriSystem. Thursdays are my weigh-in day. How did I wrap up the month? See the scoreboard below for the answer.


As far as the weekly poll goes, half of you were right on and the other half were a bit too pessimistic. For purposes of the poll, we will round to the nearest pound. So this week, I lost 3 pounds as far as the poll results are concerned. Please keep that in mind when voting each week.


This week I wanted to show you the cool app I use to help track my meals and progress. It’s called NuMi and it’s included in my program. Here are some screen shots and more about how it works:


The journal is the part of the app I use the most. This is where I track each meal and calorie. The journal is broken down by meal and allows for not only the pre-packaged food but also the “add-ins” that I can use from the grocery store to enhance the meals.


All of my NutriSystem food is pre-loaded into the app and I can either select it from a list or scan the barcode on the package. It is then populated into the meal I select. The food not only has the caloric breakdown but also all the dietary information you could want. The app will also save your own custom meals for the one “flex” meal you get each week for lunch and dinner. So for example, I have a client meeting today and I will likely have lunch with them. I can enter the nutritional information about my meal into NuMi and it will save it in case I eat that meal again. I can simply enter the calories or, if I have enough information, I can enter the entire nutritional breakdown of the meal or each individual component.


To show you an example, I’ve selected one of the NutriSystem dinners – the Meatloaf Sandwich. The screen on the left is the basic display that you would see after selecting or scanning the item. The screen on the right is the Nutrition tab. This information can be customized for any food you like for the two flex meals.


NuMi also features a section called “The Leaf.” This area is a news feed/blog that features motivational stories, flex day recipes, pitfalls to avoid and more. It’s a great resource that is constantly updated with new information.


The app wouldn’t be complete without tracking and historical information. On these screens I can track my weight loss, calories and exercise over any period I choose. NuMi serves two purposes – it helps keep all the data organized but I think it also keeps me honest and makes cheating harder. I can look at the app any time and see my remaining calories for the day and my progress. It’s hard to look at that success and then turn away from the program.

So that’s my tour of NuMi. Today begins my second month on the program. I’ve earned two NutriBears so far and will be hoping to earn a third before the end of the year. If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, I’ll show you in next week’s update.


One comment

  1. Sheila Yount · November 10, 2016

    Way to go!!!!


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