Weight Loss Scoreboard: Week 2

Yesterday was the end of my second week on the NutriSystem diet and this morning it was time to weigh in and see the results. How did I do? See the scoreboard below for the answer.


It may seem like a dramatic difference from week one, but I am now eating more (by design) than I did the first week. The NutriSystem website says I will lose an average of 1-2 lbs. per week, so I am still ahead of the average. I’ll admit it is a bit less than I had hoped but if I can consistently lose between one and three pounds each week, I’ll be thrilled.

So how did you do with your predictions? It would seem that most of you were a bit too optimistic. Perhaps you’ll be more accurate on next Wednesday’s poll.


I continue to be impressed with how good the food is considering it is prepackaged. Here are some of the meals I’ve enjoyed this past week:

Breakfast: Blueberry muffin, Cinnamon Roll, Banana Nut Muffin, Cinnamon Streusel Muffin, Biscotti Bites and Double Chocolate Muffin.

Lunch: Cheese Tortellini, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Hamburger, Red Beans and Rice, Steak and Cheese Melt and Tortilla Soup.

Dinner: Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast, Chicken Enchilada, Chili with Beans, Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes and Rotini and Meatballs.

Snacks: Cheese Puffs, Chocolate Cupcake, Ice Cream Sandwich, Vanilla Shortbread Cookies, White Cheddar Popcorn and White Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

Two weeks in, I really haven’t had any major hunger pangs and I’ve really enjoyed the nice variety of food options. They’re all easy to prepare, tasty and I can add my own “spin” to them with condiments, vegetables, salads and more. I also got two “flex meals” this week, one at lunch and one at dinner. Each week, I’m allowed to create my own meal once at lunch and once at dinner. This allows me some flexibility or the option to dine out. I chose this week to do both of my flex meals at home but it’s nice to have the option to go out with friends if I wish. NutriSystem has even provided me with an excellent pocket-sized book that offers great suggestions for any type of food or restaurant and even has detailed selections for many brand-name places like Olive Garden, Chili’s, etc.

Week 3 begins today. Can’t wait to see what the next seven days hold for me.


One comment

  1. Sheila Yount · October 27, 2016

    Way to go!!!!


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