Entitlements – Part 406

In what I’m sure won’t be the last post about today’s society, I’m going to tell you a story about picking up my groceries this morning at Wal Mart.

I have to tell you – I love their new online ordering and free pick-up. My packages have been packed correctly each time and the employees who work in that department have all been extremely friendly and helpful. That’s the good news. The customers, sadly, don’t always live up to that standard.

This AM I arrived around 8:45 to find one other car parked in one of the six CLEARLY MARKED “Reserved” spots for Grocery Pick-up. I select one of the empty slots and do as the sign commands – call the number and tell them I have arrived. Within moments, out comes my order. I assumed I was second in line but apparently Selfish von Selfenstein next to me is just sitting there, waiting on someone inside the store. The employee notices him but what can he do? Theoretically, he should be able to tell this guy to get lost or at least move his car to the 90% empty parking lot. But he can’t – and he vents his frustrations to me about it. We then have a short discussion about entitlement and those who only think of themselves. My Wal Mart friend tells me that he experiences this frustration on a daily basis. I feel for him.

This is the epitome of laziness and rudeness. Here, in no particular order, are several problems with this:

1) There’s a frickin’ sign! It CLEARLY says that the spot is reserved. I’d assume (and again I may be wrong) that you should have to be able to read to pass your driving test. So we can eliminate that this guy is illiterate.

2) There are literally hundreds of spots open in the parking lot, including many just a few cars from the door. So we can eliminate a full parking lot.

3) The Wal Mart grocery guy told me that during peak times, people like our self-centered friend often take up the reserved spaces and the people who actually ordered groceries call to complain because they cannot find a spot reserved for them. This is the same as the people who show up 30 minutes late for the theatre and then talk or climb over people, disrupting the show for thousands because of the ignorance of a few.

Yes, I know, this isn’t that big a deal. You’re right – in a way. But because we allow this to happen, we empower Dick (I’m just guessing on his name) and he will continue this behavior in the future. Even more frustrating, because Dick hasn’t thought of others, he (and his fellow crappy parkers) have inconvenienced other customers and store employees. His selfishness has a cascading effect on many other people. But by simply following the rules and being a bit less lazy, Dick could do the RIGHT thing and never make trouble for anyone.

Today’s lesson: Don’t be a Dick.


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